Repair / Renewal


C.I.P.P. (Cured In Place Pipe) Full Length Lining

Repair/ Renewal

From a simple domestic ambient cure liner to a high specification Epoxy resin multi layer Thermo Setting installation suitable for main line sewers, each job is different but all deserve the same care and attention in choosing the right materials for the task. Once the decision has been made the processes are similar.

Complete Saturation

A needle felt, woven or mixed tube of the correct thickness dependent on the requirements of the particular job is impregnated with the chosen resin using a combination of vacuum and rollers to ensure an even and complete saturation of the carrier tube leaving no weak spots.  This is then either inverted directly into and through the drain using air or water or dragged in and a calibration hose is inverted through the tube.

Whichever method is chosen, the soft tube is inflated back tight to the wall of the existing host pipe where, when inverted, it adheres to the pipe wall and resin migrates through cracks and fractures sealing them. The tube, having been inflated using air, water or steam is, (when using Thermo Cure Resin), heated to the required temperature for a pre-determined length of time. Other systems involve the introduction of a "Light Train" that uses "Ultra Violet" light to cure the resin that is sensitive to that.

Minimal Disruption

When this has been achieved the Liner can be struck and brought back into use in a very short time span with minimal disruption to services or the environment.

It is clear from even this small amount of information that it is impossible to give prices for an average linear per meter as there is no such thing as "Average" when talking about CIPP liners. Each is an individual.

We only use approved Epoxy or Polyurethane resin unless otherwise stated or requested.


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Going Round The Bend

Repair / Renewal - going round the bend

Until recent years CIPP lining was an excellent system of repair for straight pipes but caused all sorts of problems if there were bends in the system.

Now with "Brawoliner" even 90 degree bends cause no problems.

This material is different to all others in the way it is constructed and the way it forms around bends without the heavy wrinkling common to normal liners.

"Approved Contractors"

We are "Approved Contractors" for installation of this unique and innovative, high performing, quality product having trained with the manufacturers "KOB" in Germany. The material is recognised and approved by most if not all of the quality assurance regulatory bodies in Britain, throughout Europe and around the world.


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Patch Repair

Repair/ Renewal - patch repair

(The picture shows a 1200mm diameter patch!)

If only localised repairs are required why renovate the entire drain?

Using Polyurethane hydro reactive resin in an extra strong woven glass fibre matting we are able to offer a repair that has WRC approval as being suitable for main sewer renovation. This can be used to repair a single joint or an individual fracture etc. so is very cost effective in a long drain that has only one or two defects and the rest is structurally sound.

The matting is wrapped around an inflatable packer and positioned accurately using CCTV. Once in place it is pressed back against the previously cleaned wall of the drain using air pressure and is left to set.

Example of Patch Repair Process.  For more images of the Patch Repair process please visit out project gallery page.

Due to the materials adhering to the pipe wall, even if the pipe is wet, it forms a water tight seal able to prevent both ingress and egress of water plus it is highly chemical resistant.


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Pipe Bursting - Pitch Fibre Pipes

Repair/ Renewal - pipe bursting

Where a drain has failed to the point where C.I.P.P. (Cured in Place Pipe) Lining is not feasible one option to consider is Pipe Bursting.

This is a method of actually overcoming the defects by installing a totally new MDPE/HDPE SDR 11 or similar pipe in the ground in place of the existing one without removing the old one and with minimal or no surface disruption. This is particularly suitable for Pitch Fibre Pipes that were installed unsupported and have now started to collapse but the system is equally at home with clayware, Cast Iron and concrete pipe.

Flow Characteristics Are Significantly Improved

It can be used to slip line where the diameter of the host pipe is reduced but the flow characteristics are significantly improved, replacing size for size or even up sizing where suitable and an increased capacity is required.

There are numerous systems and methods but as a general description, steel rods are inserted through the drain to be replaced.  To the end of these, a "Splitter" and "Sizing" cone are fitted and behind these the new pipe.  Hydraulic Rams, developing incredible force, then pull the assembly through the old pipe bringing the new pipe in behind.  The old pipe is burst out into the surrounding ground where it forms part of the support of the new drain in the now compacted soil.

This method of replacement has full Industry Approval and has been used for many years but only now is it becoming available for smaller works.


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CIPP Lining (Special Operations)

Repair/ Renewal - CIPP Lining

Cured in place pipe is used primarily for circular drains but we have used it for some odd jobs. This was a very unusual project that was part of a much larger operation. The culvert was brick built, 450mm across the bottom and up the sides with the arched roof on top. It was under the main road into the town from the motorway and varied slightly in size and shape throughout its length.

Excavation and Installation

Repair/ Renewal - excavation and installation

Our crews are trained and qualified for excavation and installation of drainage with City & Guilds  and or hold certification for work in Highways as defined in the "New Road & Street Works Act 1991" both operative and supervisor.

We are approved contractors by Wessex Water for installation of new drains and connections to main sewer systems.