Specialist Services

Specialised Services for Complete Drain Care and Repair

Our equipment and vehicles are of the highest quality, extremely versatile and effective and are safe to operate in a range of potentially hazardous field applications, allowing the execution of specialist services to cater to your individual needs.

Specialist Services - oil cleanup


  • Emergency & planned maintenance services
  • CCTV surveying single length and area study
  • Deep entry & confined Space Work
  • Tank & pit cleaning
  • Gully emptying
  • Drain tracing & locating
  • Excavation repair & installation including Highways (NRSWA)
  • "No-Dig" drain renovation CIPP lining & pipe bursting
  • Non-hazardous liquid waste disposal
  • Oil water separator (Interceptor) emptying
  • High Pressure & High Flow jetting
  • High level cleaning
  • Oil spill cleaning & remediation


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Specialist Services - tank and pit cleaning

Tank & Pit Cleaning

Tank & Pit cleaning using vacuum tanker, high pressure water jetting and Confined Space entry. To view other images regarding Specialist services please visit our project gallery page.

Specialist Services - intensive cleaning operations

Intensive Cleaning

Sometimes the task is severe. Before you can seal a bund it has to be clean and if it contains copious amounts of HFO left over from a by gone age it sometimes can take a lot of effort and time

Specialist Services - confined space operations

Confined Space Operations

We have very experienced crew who have trained with Wessex Water or Thames Water to ensure that they are fully competent with all aspects of confined space working. We operate under a very strict set of procedures to make sure that we are safe and the task goes without hitch.

All confined space operations are controlled by individual Risk Assessments & Method Statements (RAMS) that are developed not just by management but by all members of staff who are involved with the project in any way.


Call us today on 0800 02 86 041 or Email us at info@sanddservices.co.uk

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Hazardous Cleaning

Specialist Services - hazardous cleaning

While we started to advertise Complete Drain Care & Repair, because of our specialist experience and qualifications we do get asked to undertake some strange tasks! This was a deep clean of a hazardous waste incinerator site and included the inside of the incinerator!

Specialist Services - hazardous cleaning

From this it is easy to see why special skills, training and experience are so important and why we get asked to undertake this type of work.

To view other images regarding Specialist services please visit out project gallery page.

Specialist Services - oil bund sealing

Oil Bund Sealing

There are great concerns regarding the environment and leaking oil bunds is an area the EA have investigated with great vigor.

We use Epoxy or Polyurethane resin with or without a glass fibre mat base to seal leaking bunds dependent one material the bund is  constructed from and the condition of the surface.

This work makes use of our Confined Space training and equipment together with our experience of the various resins, mats and processes that we use for our lining operations.


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Specialist Services - oil cleanup before

Oil Spill Cleanup and Remediation

A large volume of heating oil was released into a water course that discharges to a secondary stream before reaching the main river. By installing floating absorption bunds to stop the oil spreading, using a vacuum tanker to skim the heaviest contamination off the surface and pads to soak up the remainder we were able to contain the pollution.

All works were cleared by the insurers and the Environment Agency.

Specialist Services - oil cleanup after

Specialist Services - high level cleaning

High Level Cleaning

Just because we started as a drainage company, don't think that everything we do is underground! We have crew qualified to operate these specialised machines so why not use them.

This is not a job for everyone as you need a head for heights!

Specialist Services - high level cleaning