Blockage Solutions

High-pressure water jetting

Blockage Solutions - high pressure water jetting

High-pressure water jetting is recognised as one of the most versatile and efficient methods of clearing a blockage or cleaning a pipe or drain but selecting the right equipment is vital.

The average small trailer unit or van pack works at a pressure of 3000 to 4000 lbs psi with a water flow rate of 10 to 15 GPM. This is suitable for most domestic and normal commercial operations in 100 and 150mm diameter pipes. For specialised works, the pressure can rise to 40,000 lbs psi for cutting operations and the flow rate to well over 100 GPM, for heavy silt removal in large diameter drains.

From this alone it is clear that there is more to this than just turning on a tap!

In our fleet we have the usual diesel van packs and LPG for noise sensitive areas in our general service vehicles. These units are ideal for the majority of the everyday blockade clearance work we come across and with the addition of specialist tools they can be used for root cutting or heavy intensive cleaning far beyond what they could achieve even a few years ago.

These van pack machines are perfect for what they were designed but can occasionally be restricted due to the lack of onboard water as they only have small header tanks or the diameter of the pipe. When this is a concern we turn to tanker jetters that carry water. These can operate at the same performance as the van packs so still making them ideal for everyday use but with minor adjustment they can perform at far higher flows and pressures e.g 34gpm at up to 8000 lbs psi making them so much more!

Also in our fleet we have jet/vac vehicle performing at 2200 lbs psi at 54 gpm for those larger diameter drain and pipes.

For specialised cutting, descaling and surface preparation work we have Very High Pressure (VHP) facilities operating at 15,000 lbs at 12gpm


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Selecting The Correct Attachment

Blockage Solutions - removing lumps of concrete

An example of the potential power our High Pressure Water Surface Treatment has when removing lumps of concrete.

As well as choosing the right machine for the job, the selection of the correct attachment is just as important. From simple nozzles to turbine driven rotary saws, the choice is as endless as the possible usage. High-pressure water can also be employed for surface preparation, area cleaning and a multitude of other associated works. We have even used it for cleaning roofs on housing association flats!

All our staff members are certificated for Hazard Assessment and the Safe Operation of High Pressure Jetting Equipment.


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Fully Equipped Emergency Service Vans

Blockage Solutions - emergency service vans

Not all blockages demand the power of a large jetter and while it is important to be able to back up the standard emergency service, sometimes a more gentle approach is needed. 

All our service vehicles not only come with an onboard high performance high pressure water jetting unit they also carry a full complement of Electro-Mechanical rotary machinery for the smaller works. Together with the ability to clear most blockages on the first visit they also have onboard CCTV and all other sundry equipment.

We try to make them self sufficient and able to tackle most problems inside or out first time every time!

Root Cutting

It is surprising what we have to get out of drains but we have the tools to do it. Root infestation is a very common problem especially in older drainage systems where the mortar joints can fail with age. For more information please contact us.