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Fault Finding & Diagnosis

CCTV Surveying - equipment

"Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind?"

This is the usual amount of thought given to drains until problems occur.

The Answer

Whether it is new drainage that needs proving, existing older drainage that requires testing, investigations to identify and locate faults, full area asset condition surveys or a pre-purchase survey for a mortgage lender, we have the solution.


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CCTV Surveys - Fault Finding & Diagnosis

CCTV Surveying - portable camera

When structural problems are suspected in drains and pipe work or you simply just need to know where they run, they need to be accurately located, identified and diagnosed.

It is no use just standing next to the manhole and guessing. The only way to determine what is happening in the drain is to use a camera. S&D Services are capable of surveying pipe diameters from 50mm to 1200mm and the results used to determine the most practical and cost effective method of refurbishment if required. Surveying may actually prove that there are no structural faults.

The findings are displayed on a monitor above ground to show the moving camera's view in real time. Photographic and recorded evidence will be provided from the recording to substantiate the final coded survey report. If a fault is only localised our tracing units can locate the position above ground, usually with great accuracy dependent on the ground conditions and local interference

The picture left shows a "Pan & Tilt" crawler camera. These use revolving heads to look directly at the surface of a pipe wall and up junctions and connections rather than down the pipe. This gives a better view of important areas that may be of concern or have to be checked in more detail etc. They are especially useful when structural integrity is vital and additional accuracy is required.


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CCTV Surveying - equipment

Easy To Follow Reports

Once a CCTV survey has been completed, it is of little use if the accompanying inspection report is not clear, concise and easy to follow.

To help us achieve this all our reports are produced using the latest computer technology. This enables us to identify to our clients in colour coded written text, diagnostic illustrations, electronic recording and photographs precisely what we have found. The entire survey is recorded with continuous section and linear meter detail making the complete package easy to correlate and follow and then forwarded to our client by a link on "Sharefile" enabling them to keep a permanent record of our findings. 

CCTV Surveying - report examples

With this attention to detail it is clearly obvious if the system is in good working order and where it runs. If unfortunately faults are found, it is then possible to make the correct decision as to what method of renovation/repair will be best suited, if any is required. Just as importantly, our clients are able to easily understand any recommendations we make.

Together with the condition report of the drainage, where requested, we produce individual manhole data sheets that identify position, depth, condition and construction detail of each chamber and cover. It also shows the size and material of each drain entering and the exit pipe etc. together with any comments our highly trained crews believe relevant to give a true and accurate picture.

The example report is indicative of a survey of a small private property. For commercial operations we have often produced reports running into hundreds of pages.

When surveying more substantial sites or where there is a specific requirement we can produce CAD instead of the schematic drawing illustrated that is suitable for small works.


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CCTV Surveys - Examples

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