Historic Log Boat Pressure Cleaning

A S & D Drainage Services Case Studies of Poole Borough Council

Project Info:

  • Completed on: 27 May 2015
  • Client: Poole Borough Council
  • Location: Poole Harbour

During dredging operations of Poole harbour in 1964, a log boat dating from about 300 years BC was discovered in the silt. The Poole log boat is one of the largest surviving prehistoric artefacts of its kind in the UK and was for many years preserved in a Sucrose solution.

As the conservation work progressed the boat was removed from the Sucrose solution and we undertook the primary cleaning and removal of the heaviest deposits under the direction and ever watchful eyes of many experts from Britain and Norway. Using warm water under very low pressure, the many years of solution, some of which by this time had crystallised, was removed as the boat was prepared for the next part of its 2300 year journey.

The pictures show part of this cleaning operation and a small section of the boat on completion.

Following our work the boat has undertaken many years of further work to preserve it for future generations and it is now on display in Poole museum

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