CIPP Lining Example

A S & D Drainage Services Case Studies of Taunton Deane Council

Project Info:

  • Completed on: 27 July 2015
  • Client: Taunton Deane Council
  • Location: Taunton

Shortly after the opening of the new and improved rear entrance to Musgrove Park Hospital, a severly damaged foul drain affecting the neighbouring properties was found.

As this section of road had many essential services under the carriageway as well as a set of traffic lights, the hazards and the potential delays and disruption that a traditional excavation would have caused, an excavation was considered impractical so we were asked to come up with a “No-Dig” solution.

After carfully removing all the broken pipe and debris a polyurethane resin renovattion patch was used to secure the drain which was followed by the installation of a Brawoliner with polyurethane resin thus reinforcing the drain further 

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